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John W. Lerew, CFP®

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  • Certified Financial Planner(TM)
  • Series 7 and 63 registrations to sell Securities. 
  • Life, Accident, and Health Insurance License in Multiple States. 
  • Member of the Financial Planning Association. 
  • Graduate of Claremont McKenna College, 1981
  • 2008 Congressional Candidate for the Colorado 7th Congressional District. 
  • Past Consulting work for Arapahoe Country Court; reviewed financials for case work on Guardianship and Conservative ship petitions
  • Past MHN Government Services contract work: financial consulting for military service woman and men
  • Past Cherry Creek Charter School Board Member
  • Past Aurora Advisory Budget Committee Member for the City Council

My experiences, education, and business philosophy is an open book for clients to use in understanding how I can help them. “Financial planning or investing is a personal component of your life and confidentiality and proper attention from your Advisor will make your success more certain”.

I have been married for almost 29 years and I have two daughters in College.  My parents knew the importance of education and giving back to the community. My Dad was an Engineer and my Mom was a Chemist. As a child I lived in States where my Dad was part of a construction project. I have lived in Delaware, Texas, Illinois, California and New Jersey. I went through high school in 3.5 years and work on the Alaska Pipeline between high school and attending  Claremont McKenna College. After graduation in 1981 I moved to Denver Colorado to pursue a career in government. I had this idea of working in government and then pursuing an elected office. Finally in 2008, I did run for the 7th Congressional Seat and lost to the incumbent.

In 1981 Denver was not the booming city it is today. The Canadian Oil Companies were leaving do to the energy bust and a job in local government was scares. I end up taking a job as a oil and gas land man for a short period of time. In 1982 I entered the political arena and joined the Jack Swigert Campaign for the 6th Congressional District in Colorado. Jack was one of the Apollo 13 Astronaut slated to land on the moon but the mission had mechanical problems on the way to the moon and had to abort the mission. During the Campaign, Jack had been diagnosed with cancer, which led to his death prior to taking office. I had spent time in Houston as a child and was enthralled with the Space Program. I remember the family driving through the neighborhoods where the original 7 astronauts lived in hopes of catching a glimpse of them. It was a great experience to spend time with Jack and get to know him for that short period of time.

After the campaign, I had the opportunity to work with my Dad building houses in Summit County. Unfortunately, the real estate market was feeling the effects of the energy bust in Colorado and selling residential homes was a dead end. To supplement my income during this period of time, I worked in the restaurant business.  And it was working at the Armadillo Restaurant, I met my future wife; Leslie.

In 1992, I received my Certified Financial Planner CFP® designation after spending 6 years consulting clients with the life insurance business. In 1992, the Certified Financial Planning Designation was the recommended education for anyone thinking about a solid foundation around the concept of using investments - rather than insurance - as the catalyst for growing wealth and achieving the client's long range goals.

As a potential planning and investment client, you want to find a true success in achieving your goals, by building a working relationship with a Planner/Advisor that you are comfortable holding discussions with. Part of our discussion may touch upon uncomfortable subjects about how you value money, how you interact with family members, how you value the idea of wealth accumulation, and do you have the necessary discipline to reach your long range financial goals. There are not many people that openly discuss these topics with a stranger; considering this first meeting a job interview by both parties. Planning attacks your vulnerabilities and makes them palatable. Aspirations in the area of finances that you otherwise would have never discussed become meaningful and possible. If you choose the right Advisor, you will find it easy to tell your story, define your goals and fulfill your long range needs. Candid conversation lead to great outcomes.  

In 2000, I started JW Lerew and Company Inc. to complete the circle. I like working with people that are like minded, serious about their planning needs and are willing to put in the work to fulfill their expectations. This is how we work at JW Lerew and Company Inc. I personally invite you to find out more about us.

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